Little old lady


In a previous century I was walking in one of the Greek islands, Levkas I think, though I can’t be sure and whilst I had ‘shot’ a few people surreptitiously I hadn’t really made the jump to gain acceptance with someone completely unknown. I had watched this lady as she drew her donkey to the shade of the tree clearly in wait for someone or something. Before she knew what I was doing, maybe before she knew I was there I made a few pictures in the following sequence: 1c2


This looks like a camera strap got in the frame, maybe I knew it as the next frame is very similar..



She has now noticed me. I remember lifting my camera and making a gesture, I don’t remember if she nodded, but there was something that passed between us.


And now she has started to pose. Her scarf is undone to show more of her face and she also made sure her hair didn’t interfere with the shot. 6c2

This is the last shot (the edited version is the first image), I have moved closer and she has drawn her donkey closer to herself. I remember she closed her mouth, hiding a very ‘gappy’ set of teeth. This is the shot I thought best and I remember walking past her and we exchanged nothing more than a glance.

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