First edit

Just wondering whether there is any point in putting this up here – it is how I ‘see’ the narrative that I had in my mind when I made the images, however I cannot believe that even if anyone else sensed a narrative of their own – assuming anyone looked at this image – they would get anything out of this. It’s just too small.

Here’s a photo-shopped version – still not much better….

But I’ll leave that there and focus on other printing and assessment requirements I think.

Edit 1bc2



7 thoughts on “First edit

  1. John just been catching up on this blog. For some reason I am not a follower.

    I was very taken by your assignment 5 work. Whilst personal to you when reading it I found myself projecting onto your text and images making it personal for me. If this is the kind of openness you were looking for you certainly achieved it. The work has a quietness about it which is contemplative and somehow makes it accessible.

    As regards this sequence it is difficult to judge from the small images. A video might work better as you could control the narrative flow and present the images larger. Sound or music might also add emotional context. I did find myself wondering what your conceptual thinking behind the work is. I started by reading it as a personal response to a place whilst you were on holiday. But I came to see it as more about you letting go and enjoying the image making process – a kind of catharthic release.

    The photographs in this work and in assignment 5 seem to be fragments of emotional and sensual experiences you’ve encountered. Your decision to print them small on precious paper adds to this sense of the photographs being a collection of precious mementos (if that makes sense). It all works very well together. For some reason I visualise the images in a kind of album, a place for storing memories.

    Excellent and thoughtful work John.

    • Thanks for these very kind words Keith, much appreciated. I have now added some contextualisation for the most recent work which, hopefully, helps – though I fully acknowledge how difficult it would be to ‘read’ any of the imagery on the blog – even more so how I tried to create a narrative. I might show it at a TV event and see how it fares – we’ll see.
      I was really pleased with the reactions to my assignment five work – I plan to take it to my print group tomorrow – they are never slow in coming forward with criticism (especially where it is deserved) so I’m hopeful it will be received in the flesh – as it were – as it has been virtually so far. I think you have sensed the background to the work very well. Thanks again.

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