Last light

I watched the light late yesterday, anticipating it’s movement across an empty dining room; waiting for a time. The room will be filled again soon, the work on the family space is nearing completion, it will no longer echo loudly. The light was much stronger than this when I saw it and decided to make an image of it, by the time I was in position, low down and out of the frame with the window behind me, the light was fading, almost evaporating; the three shafts of light illuminating the back wall were disappearing, I suspected it would be the last light I would be seeing in this way through the west facing room.

I found it restful to sit on the floor and reflect and think about this project, about how I have allowed these to ‘lights’ reveal things about me. It may have helped of course that we have lived here for so long, that my sons can only remember this place as a home before setting up homes for themselves. And after a few minutes another light started to infiltrate the room, I was sitting on the floor, below the window and watched as the light flooded onto the wall.

I made a few images – this ‘full-frame’ being the one that I connected with most. I also filmed the end of the light; handheld and with a rhythm that connects it directly to my breathing, the light fades to the right, I think I will add this to the post when processed. I haven’t connected texts to these images yet, I may not do so.


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