Assignment Five, final edit for submission

The final edit. The images were printed – with the longest side set at 12.5cms and the text at 10pt (the screen representations only work if ‘clicked-on’), I used Canson Baryta, which whilst a beautiful paper also has a stiffness that helps with the viewing (I hope). The position (of the images) in the sequence, together with the ordering of the sequence came about after some lengthy deliberations with all of the images spread over the floor, and they are in the order as set out below. I wanted to suggest connections and then to break them; this is also the reason for the different placements of the text in the frame and the variance of landscape to portrait images, an effort to ask questions both of the viewer and the narrative elements in the images. I suppose the first and last images have a narrative sense that might appear to be obvious (?). I have presented them to my tutor as a sequence of images rather than fifteen individual images. I have attached the prints together and thereby forced ‘connections’ between images and forced, to some extent, the narrative journey of the images – though of course one may start to view the images in any place, but their relatives will always be the same. Whether it works for anyone else but me I’m not sure but I have enjoyed this process immensely and I’m hoping it has legs for the future.


Twin livesc2

I have been patient with youc2


3 thoughts on “Assignment Five, final edit for submission

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