Thoughts on Assignment Five





Another archive, albeit quite small – some thirty or so photographs – has come into my possession and I want to investigate fiction. Appropriated text from the Russian classics applied to these English working class scenes. I am hoping to show that emotions are universal, that despite their origins these subjects have access to the same emotive range as those that are depicted in aristocratic terms. I note the irony that the textual characters are set in a time just prior to the popular revolution when the serfs, at least for a short period, overtook the regime and that the subjects visually depicted are from the same class (albeit with democratic freedom as their bulwark against oppression).


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Assignment Five

  1. An interesting concept. I thought emotions were universal anyway though – it’s just how they’re conveyed.
    Goodness knows why but D.H. Lawrence came into my mind – probably because there’s been some programmes about him on Radio 4.

    • Can’t see a reference either, unless it’s the working class? Whilst emotions are universal the depiction of love has generally been habituated in upper classes, until those angry young men in the fifties (DHL notwithstanding).

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