Just wanted to share

It’s been a less ordinary week.
On Monday I spent some time writing up my feelings on the Current Conflicts study visit, nothing extraordinary about that, but sort of pleased with what I’d done. I seem to be able to settle on what I understand about artwork now, easier in myself about expressing what it is that I see and feel; no longer over concerned about incomprehension.
Tuesday took me to my mother’s and revisiting old memories. I had an idea, a concept even, about what I wanted to try and achieve. Mother was very accommodating, the shooting went as well as I could have hoped for, the sense of the work that I captured seemed to be very close to what I had hoped it would be. Remarkable I thought, by the end of Tuesday night.
Wednesday morning at four a.m. found me reworking the set and feeling stronger about them and soon after that re-edit had finished, I went to a couple of exhibitions in Oxford, some really interesting work, interesting aesthetics, I feel I could write extensively about those works as well – time is starting to run short. Later on again I get confirmation that the dancer project will happen.
Thursday morning I met with the artist whose work I am making prints for – she is very happy about the quality of the work and suggesting that there will be more to do, she’s hoping to sell them at an art fair in Windsor in November. She also agrees the format of the artist project as well, I will be taking her portrait sometime next week.
Later I meet with the dancer who has agreed to not only work with me, but also to find the other dancers as well. First session this Sunday – I’m really looking forward to what I think will be a really challenging project. And after that I attend a meeting with Artscape, who run the Echoes Group. The group will start again, the project director won’t be there as he is off to do an MA, but they want me to document their work and maybe participate in some presentations regarding the clinical benefits of this type of therapy. It starts on the 24th September and will run until Christmas. They also confirm that my “memories’ project will be hung, at the very least in the Warneford permanent space, and maybe in the Fusion Arts Centre as well.
Started to read “The Cruel Radiance’ by Susie Linfield, which appears as a counter to Rosler, a sideswipe at Sontag and a kicking at Tagg! Can’t wait to get to the Abu Ghraib chapter……….
Tomorrow I will be meeting another of the artists for the ‘Artists’ project. I’ll also be doing the grocery shopping.

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