Thames Valley meeting August 18th 2013.

Thinking now about the day yesterday I have some mixed feelings. I think that the level of commitment shown by all was exemplary, the quality of the work, from an intellectual perspective gets stronger, the respect shown to all by everyone is extremely conducive and encourages the participants to be open about their feelings and responses to the work. It is an entirely positive environment.

My own work regarding the development of a narrative – here and here – was discussed during the time allotted and I think that I need to consider a number of possibilities before submitting for assignment three.

I had coupled the image of the butterflies with the wishes clearly defined above an image that had been taken within a short time of seeing the ‘wish’ and therefore informed by that image. Discussions took place about how the presentation affected how they were ‘read’, about how the butterfly image subordinated the other image by the placement within the frame of the paper with the two images on. That I printed the two images of equal size maybe also helped to reinforce that subordination. Questions were raised about how important the text image was to the narrative – I am concerned at this point that any narrative would be ‘too enigmatic’ without the text. This ambiguity question is a difficult one for me to cross, to allow the free association of the image to be the only transport medium of idea to the spectator. I will need to gather nerve to do this.

I think I will need to perhaps re-shoot the responses – this might be interesting, as time will have coloured my responses to the texts – or re-edit them, both in how they appear in the narrative sequence and/or how they occupy the frame.

A note I made on the day ‘Need to foreground the emotional response over the text. But how to do that and provide an entry into the work?” Would/could that be done with a statement? I am loathed to provide titles, so maybe captions, where the caption contained an image of the butterfly?

I can’t see how I would have moved forward without this session.


4 thoughts on “Thames Valley meeting August 18th 2013.

  1. John you and I both, your last comment is so profound for me, I don’t think that I would get anywhere without that group. Having Sharon and people like yourself has turned that meeting into something really special. On your work keep plugging away, you are on the verge of something special, I think may be your emotional state toward the course and your attitude of not wanting to take a camera away with you may have opened you up to this series, on reflection the concept of the net and butterflies is central to your theme and to loose that altogether may turn the seres in a different direction, I do wonder if you put the quotes into a caption that was either shaped like a butterfly or had a butterfly in front like a bullet point rather than the actual picture of the message. I guess eventually the right answer will be what drives you most, thanks for sharing so much always

    • Thanks Stephen. I’m sure we would get somewhere without the group, but oh so much slower and with a much narrower perspective!
      I do feel that we were all able to see things with a new perspective after the meeting.

  2. I’m so pleased you brought the prints as seeing them made the butterflies so tangible and I became aware of the people behind them. All those wishes, dreams and hopes.
    There are so many directions – I’m sure one will emerge for you that seems just right.

    • I think it made a difference being able to test some theories and be able to throw the prints around to see what, if any, difference it made. Thanks for your suggestions and views.

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