Armenian archive – 8

Met with Richard again this week and we had a swap of images and cards. This week, apart from the switch, we had a short meeting after Echoes to discuss the archive and I now have some more background information on the archive; how, for example, several boxes of prints were taken – though the negatives still exist. How Richard was in the department of Oriental Studies at Durham until his retirement, and that I feel he has a lot more information that he might feel relevant to me and the archive, but has not thought to impart it as yet. I am intrigued about the missing images and some of the images that seen to have provided the photographer a privileged position.

Anyway this week’s selection has some echoes within some of the discussions within the college campus (if such a term is appropriate).

presented as they appeared to me from this week’s batch:

Something Khan. Two things to remark on here: Firstly the very obvious military pose, shoulder harnesses of ammunition, the rifle held by a man who looks as if it isn’t exactly the first time he has held a rifle. And very smart shoes. Smart shoes in the Middle East suggest a position in life’s hierarchy.

Two with rifles, in the same place and I would venture to suggest, the same time – give or take a 1/125th second. Now I think perhaps a hunting party – though hunting for game, not hunting as a game as in war.

And then this, stripped or their paraphernalia, sitting and regarding some documents. And nothing to suggest either hunters or militia.

Then this venerable old lady, I wondered about the affectation on the framing?

Surely a Grandmother shot, stiff and upright as per the previous hot, and not really any sense of softness with the child in her arms?

Am mother – with that expression , no doubt.

And then these two child shots. I thought about the recent discussion in the WeAreOCA blog about pain, these shots seem to have an essence of Arbus about them; slightly awkward


3 thoughts on “Armenian archive – 8

  1. The information flow is interesting with clues unfolding/being unveiled quite slowly. I’d be interested to discuss this further with you at some point.

  2. I went with AnneD to listen to Faye Claridge in Birmingham who works with a large archive. So I wrote to her and asked her how she approaches archives and her recommendation was to just dive in and work with things that take my fancy. The problem with this archive is that I’m getting to see it piecemeal – at most 200 photographs at a time, sometimes only 50 or so – which is a bit frustrating. And so far I don’t really have a good idea where it is all going, other than it fascinates me.
    Very happy to discuss, over a cup of tea perhaps?

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