Images of Faay and another

Faay 3

Faay 3

Faay 1

Faay 1

Faay 2

Faay 2

Three images of Faay, since the recent TV meeting I have been reflecting on the images for assignment two and decided to start to rework the set, based on comments/feedback and my personal vision for what it is I want to depict. I had thought that some of the images I had created so far were too ‘accomplished’ too similar to marketing images. I have the notion that these orphans – with all the best intentions – are being ‘sold’ to western sponsors, being commodified and I felt that some sense of that should be presented in a piece about them. Faay has been with the orphanage most of her life, she arrived when she was about eighteen months, she is now two months short of of her twenty second birthday; I’m not sure of what age the orphans are asked to leave the orphanage, whether Fayy has now left, and if so what is she doing now.

I wanted to depict a more chaotic life for Faay, I was keen to show how, even a s young girl she was made to look attractive, the use of her photograph, the use of her ‘apparent’ text – “I Love You” – co-joined with her apparent Thai’ text and her own mark. These are less than pretty images, and whilst the assignment asks for abstract imagery or ideas, I think that these are maybe too realistic.


Another, this one of Dtaohu:



Much more disconcerting!


4 thoughts on “Images of Faay and another

  1. Certainly, from my own experience (having grand-daughers and seen their and their friends’ messages on Facebook), I know that young girls do write flowery messages. Young girls do seem to wear make-up at much younger ages now as well. I felt concerned, though when I saw the makeup on so young a girl and in such a context. The way you’ve layered the image makes her look so appealing as well. Are you linking the two images together to point at the negative implications?

  2. None of these girls can write in English, all their words are translated, which of course is another vehicle for mis-representation. I was trying to foreground the message over the individual and the typed text was supposed to provide a ‘punctum’ to alert the viewer of the possible ending for Faay…… Oh well!

    • I did think about that but not sure how this links with the Charity. There seem to be so many ramifications here and I can see how choice of images is so important.

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