Armenian archive 7 – an answer

I received a new batch of photographs and cards today. Initially I thought they were all going to be mundane. I don’t mind mundane – mundane is how things normally are, we can have too much excitement – until I saw this card which of course provides an answer to a picture I viewed a few weeks ago and which I wrote about here. Richard and I do not discuss the pictures or the index cards, he knows I will bring back what I have each week and will exchange them for new boxes or bundles. So I had no idea what he would bring, nor he, I think, what I had viewed from the selection box he chose.

3366 "The Head Butcher"

“The Head Butcher”

Now the card generates more questions, some perhaps posed when viewing the photograph; who are the veiled women? Was he called the “Head butcher” for a reason? The 80-90 years ago is now 100-110 tears ago.

It is what I had thought.

So who then was this photographer that enabled him to position himself where the ‘head butcher’ would look to, as maybe a Roman gladiator might do to the sitting dignitary in an arena in the Roman times, to receive notice that he had performed and performed well. What have we, as viewers to this scene, witnessed – as Catherine might suggest.

I have agreed with Richard that we will sit down and discuss this archive. I need to know about how he came upon it, what his connection to it is and what, if any, his expectations are.


2 thoughts on “Armenian archive 7 – an answer

  1. Maybe it was photographed to prove to someone, somewhere, that it actually happened.
    Mention of the veiled women reminds me of the women sitting knitting by the guillotine. Strange as here I am with my knitting beside me as I’ve been thinking again about the photograph!

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