Armenian archive – 3


I’ve spent a little time with the photographs, and with about two hundred images at a time I’m starting to get a feel of the width of the archive. A little over half of the photographs are directly people related. Documents of family, family occasions, work/business, and pictures of people the country, such as the two:

img162c2 img152c2

The business/formal shots have me guessing the context, I know that the husband was an officer in the British Army and stationed in Iran (Persia as was), and I think, worked in banking, moving to Tehran through the life of the archive. The photographs are a mix, in a geographical context, from a smaller city in Iran, Tehran, holidays on the Caspian Sea.

img166c2 img165c2 img164c2 img153c2


And possibly this one:


And then familial shots:

img159c2 img157c2



Formal portraits:

img156c2 img155c2 img160c2


And others that ask different questions:

img158c2 img163c2


Another two hundred coming this coming week. Not sure where this is going, but I find the viewing quite compelling.



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