Memories – Day One

The Memories Project – day one.


The concept: To create a piece of work that portrays a “portrait” of an aspect of a life. Through the use of existing objects, which might include photographs, to develop a short narrative piece that might display an emotional connection to a time, a place, people(s). This work will then be made into a single two dimensional print for display at the permanent gallery space at the Warneford hospital.


There hadn’t been any communication with the Group prior to the meeting, so the session was about communicating the concepts of the project. I had taken along a variety of objects and photographs that covered family, holidays and work.

Overall there were some very interesting conversations, but given that a few users could not attend the discussions were slightly slanted by one or two individuals. There were several attempts to veer the talks towards some of the quieter users – some are naturally quieter than others in any case. I was particularly pleased that one of the users, an in patient at the Warneford, felt inspired to engage with the ideas in a way that he hadn’t previously at, which was very encouraging – he said “if you had of asked me about my life sixty years ago before I got here today I wouldn’t have had a clue, but now I can remember it” I paraphrase. He recalled a conversation with the Queen, and another time when in the Army being put on a charge for winking at Prince Philip – “I only did it because he did it to me!”.

I asked if the group could bring in some objects either suggested by the samples I had brought in, or anything that has a personal connection for them. I have provided some mount board off cuts to, either re-photograph their photographs, or objects they have an attachment to.

I was asked if I could find some examples of the finished pieces that I could ‘show and tell” which I will do for next week.


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