Bringing the two together

Shallots being sown

Shallots being sown

Carl sowing the shallots on a cold morning.

Picture donated by Carl of crops being cultivated in the North west of Thailand

Picture donated by Carl of crops being cultivated in the North west of Thailand

Integrated image, bring the two growers together. I know there are visual discrepancies , bu the notion of both men working the land for the same end is the message I wanted to bring. I appreciate that a single image isn’t going to provide all the narrative – so I’m working ideas to see what might work and what might be considered trite.

Working the crops. Two men in harness for the same purpose.

Working the crops. Two men in harness for the same purpose.





4 thoughts on “Bringing the two together

  1. I think your idea is good but I also think you’re going to have to be careful with the pairings and the scaling. This one at the moment has a great link and the joining is good but the scale first implied to me that the Thai was in fact a child working with his European mentor/father and you could end up with overtones of colonialism.

  2. Its actually quite convincing to look at – at a first glance…I thought maybe that Mr Grosser was married to a Thai lady and they were gardening together:-) It gave a personal logic to the charity work for a brief moment until I realised I was wrong!

    My experience of appropriation…tutor’s only suggestion re the ethics of my use of images from (a) family and (b) google streetview was to put a copyright statement in the mock up book so that it was clear that the copyright of the images wasn’t mine. I did this, and am glad I did as it made the situation transparent. Although I had also reflected on the ethics of it and GSV in general in my log at some length.

    My use of appropriation was to compare and contrast the old analogue snapshots my father took in the 50s with the same (well not actually, but made to look as though it was the same place) photographed on Google Street View so that the narrative fell between the 2 times and was on the surface about the changes over time, in the place (which was quite dramatic) our use of photographs, their qualities and technology, but also was meant to convey a sense of loss of the past. So I used both sets of images to look as thought they were fairly straight and evidential. Although with the GSV ones I was a bit fast and loose with the “truth” in order to try and destablize the idea it was “reality”.

    Anyway, I’m not sure how relevant that is really but the reason I mention it is because I guess one way you could go is to somehow use the appropriated images against your images and make any visual difference in style between them part of the narrative somehow. So like 2 interwoven stories going on in parallel?

    • I haven’t fully formed any idea yet. My tutor suggested using the images, but in a different way to how I was planning to use them. I was, and maybe still will, make a video of Carl and Anne (Gross) and then intercut with images from Thailand and may use some soundscapes from their own video. Then it was suggested that I might use the story, as a perpetual narrative for the whole course, to which I replied that perhaps I would need to go to Thailand to find some sort of closure (if indeed that is ever possible) but when no offer of paid expenses emerged 🙂 that was when the appropriated images came in. I’m going to think about things for a week or two and then try and make a decision about the assignments in Documentary; I really like the idea of developing a piece of work that asks some questions and that I can then go with that line and investigate it some more. And, like the fact I haven’t formed an idea yet, nor have I the faintest where I would end up. I could alway follow some of the directions from your road shots 🙂
      I see it as one story being interweaved with itself; Carl and Anne are a big part of the story that is unravelling in Thailand and in North Oxfordshire.
      I have no idea of the gender of the Thai worker, no their age; what mattered to me was them both working the soil for the same purpose. Mmm, I’ve now thought of another strand I could use for Gesture and Meaning. I wonder if I could use both courses to build one line of questioning????? Ten assignments investigating one initial thread???
      Thanks Anne, much appreciated……..

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