Tomorrow there will be a harvest at the allotment prior to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday when I plan to cover the event and generate the rest of the images for the assignment. There will be a presentation that the Gross’s will be giving at a school that has been paired with one of the Thai schools which I plan to cover as well and might augment the assignment with later. I also plan to produce a video that will use pictures that were taken in a recent trip to Thailand.

Still haven’t decided whether to do this assignment in monochrome or not, so far each of my visits have been quite cold and that is what I want to portray as much as anything.


2 thoughts on “More

  1. The mono version does look very bleak – not much there about the joyfulness of growing your own produce! Do you think that mono will do justice to the vegetables etc? Also if you choose mono does that mean that the video will have to be mono also?

    • Mono will work for the leeks I think, but necessarily for the rhubarb 🙂 For the assignment I may well stick to colour – it doesn’t need that many images. However the video, which is a personal project may have both as it will carry the photos that Carl took in Thailand on his last trip out and I think the contrast might work – we shall see.

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