Assignment One, more documents

Another visit to the allotment, this time with Carl,  we have more visits scheduled to get some shots that I have as ‘toil’ in the back of my mind. I haven’t made up my mind whether to do this assignment in black and white or not. The use of monochrome would be there to emphasise two different differences. Firstly the the toil and sweat that the Gross’ apply to raise money might be better depicted in mono, the climate certainly is at the moment! And secondly I want to juxtapose the photographs that Carl has provided of the Thai children and their environment, which whilst it isn’t luxuriant it is certainly warm and colourful.

These shots were taken over two visits, but only one had Carl in them. The problem I have with the term ‘toil’ is that Carl is an incessantly happy and positive person, so a grim determined Carl is going to be a difficult shot to capture.monoc2 C1 monoc2 C1c2 C2c2 canesc2 carl's chairc2 crossesc2 crossesmonoc2 glass housesc2 glassc2 leeksc2 line 1c2 more glassc2 onion set1 monoc2 onion set1c2 rasberry canesc2 rotivatorc2 rotivatormonoc2 scarecrowc2 side 2c2 split sidec2 split2c2 the splitc2



2 thoughts on “Assignment One, more documents

  1. “Incessantly” happy does sound a bit pejorative (some people are just naturally happy!). Interesting about whether mono or colour. One thought I had was that the allotment might bring extra colour into their lives if your were looking at it from their point of view. Maybe the toil could be shown via the task itself – like using a rotator or hoeing.
    I’m feeling envious of your projects but I shouldn’t because you’ve worked for them.

  2. Ha Ha! Ok – how about incurably positive? I think it is unlikely that I’ll use mono, it’s becoming to seem to me to be an artifice for its own sake, maybe I’ll get re-used to it. I need to get up to the allotment a couple of more times as the end of the project – from an assignment perspective will be the “Farmer’s Market” in a couple of weeks time.

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