Assignment 1, research

About twice this size

About twice this size

For the assignment I am to use ‘a’ camera and ‘a’ lens. This will be a Nikon D3 and an 85mm 1.4 lens. Two reason, the D800 will be used for some video I intend to take as an auxiliary piece of work to accompany the assignment brief and the lens is relatively fast, so on bad weather days I should be able manage to get some clear images (should they be what I want at the time). The lens provides one drawback in that isn’t wide enough to get the scale of the allotment very well, so if that type of shot is needed then I will have to be creative to provide that perspective – though I don’t plan the physical representation to be how I portray the scale of what Carl and Ann do for the Thai children, and so I think the choice of lens will be fine. These shots were taken when I went up to the allotment to skirt around and find out a little more about this part of the document.

I realised as I walked around that Carl’s allotment could have been used as “an acre of land.” Very seasonal as well, lots of colour changes throughout the year. On a slope so plenty of opportunity for the bucolic coffee grad sunset shot behind the raspberry canes, or the sunrise shot over the brassicas.

the splitc2 split2c2 split sidec2 scarecrowc2 rotivatorc2 rasberry canesc2 canesc2 carl's chairc2 glass housesc2 glassc2 leeksc2 more glassc2


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