Thinking about an Echoes project

As I become more embedded with the “Echoes” group I am being asked to provide more and more input. I have been asked to provide some evidence of the permanent exhibition space at the Warneford hospital, something I am more than happy to do. I have been asked by the current project leader at ‘Echoes’ if I could provide some ‘good’ images of the group working together, video if possible and maybe some evidence when the project’s work goes on display at the Ashmolean Museum in June. All of which I am very happy to do, it will, without doubt, stretch my capability.

But the request I have had to run the next project at ‘Echoes’ has had me wondering what to do (and not least about whether I have the capabilities to develop and run a project, but that’s a different matter). I have thought about things and have discussed an idea with my tutor along the lines of:

Photography project:
  • use images from the collection of the users
  • use artefacts from the collection of the users
  • re-photograph them
  • re-frame them
  • add contemporary photographs
  • create a new document that contains the above
  • add notes/feelings
  • print
    video work
    – of selection
    – of portrait sessions
    – of hanging
 I have sent a draft outline of the project to the overall manager of ‘Artscapes’ amongst whose responsibilities is ‘Echoes’ to see what he feels about the idea. We shall wait and see. I am not sure how or whether any of this will fit into the course, but I have a feeling that something positive will do and at least inform me going forward

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